EAST 2013

This weekend (Nov 16-17) commences the 700th (or possibly some other #) annually East Austin Studio Tour!

I will be opening up my “Studio J” at the Pump Project Art Complex
702 Shady Lane Austin, TX

You can come visit Saturday, or Sunday anytime between 11am and 6pm!
Such wonderment and excitement you can only imagine until you come and witness it for yourself!

Lady and the lion


Coloring Books Nouveau

I’ve finally finished up my new and improved: Fairies: a fantastic coloring book!

Here’s a preview of the cover:

fairies new cover

and here’s one of the new fairies, that makes the coloring book that much more fantastic.

fairy coloring

And then there is my dear friend: Love Cake, a coloring book so ridiculous, I’m not really sure what to say about it. Here’s the cover…

love cake cover

And an excerpt from the inside..

love cakepage

I’m reeeeeally close to being done with this one too, sadly I’ve lost touch with the english language and I find my editing skills to be absolutely atrocious.

So the words are holding me back here….sigh.

Hopefully i’ll get it finished up so that I can get both of these printed for EAST, coming up in 2 short weeks!!!!

Work in progress

Here are a few previews of things that I hope to have done for the East Austin Studio Tour, coming up in November…

I’m probably going to end up painting this in acrylic, but i was playing around with colors in photoshop

lady in the water

Also, I’ve been working on some new fairy drawings to make a bigger and better fairy fantastic coloring book. This was an idea for the cover:

flower dress

and last but not least, I hope to make a coloring book based on the beautiful and tragical romantic comedy “love cake”, this will probably end up being the cover:
love cake cover

Check back again for more updates on East and magical new work for the holiday shows.

Welcome Spring

Ok, I know everyone thinks their weather is the weirdest where they live. But let’s be serious. Austin was weird to begin with, and now it’s being weird even by its own standards. What is this water falling from the sky? What is this feeling that seems to be something besides hot? If I hadn’t grown up in the midwest, I’d be completely lost. However, I do believe we’re experiencing a season called spring.

In another bizarre turn of events I decided to make a painting specifically for a frame, not the normal visa versa. For one thing it gave me a chance to work on something less dramatic and serious than the ol’ Bible illustration I’ve been working on. Also, it was a really great frame (I’ll have to get a picture of it once I find a camera to borrow). Anyway, here’s the painting, I call it “Welcome Spring”:

welcome spring 2

Because I had another great frame I touched up a painting that I did over Christmas. Mostly this was an excuse to play with my new watercolor postcards and gel pens, so that’s why it’s sort of mysteriously Anime and weird. Still, I like it:
welcome spring

They’re both about post card sized paintings, which was fun, but kind of makes me want to paint very large paintings now. We’ll see what happens.

The Trouble With Painting

“The trouble with poetry…is that it encourages the writing of more poetry”

There is a really lovely poem about it by Billy Collins, you should go read it right now:
Then you should read more Billy Collins, because he is great!
I could actually extol his work for quite some time, but I think I’d get distracted, and the problem with painting is different altogether.

The problem with painting is that it’s never enough. It doesn’t seem to capture even a fraction of the astounding beauty that is possible.

I’ve been working on illustrating the Bible, and still continue to be flustered by it. I lamented long and dramatically to my journal about how much more beautiful the stories were than anything I could hope to put down on paper. Then I did some angst filled drawings trying to demonstrate just how incompetent I felt. I proclaimed: I feel as though I am standing on the threshold of all the beauty in the world, and only have a thimble to collect a drop of it, to bring back to everyone else. Then I kind of liked my woeful illustration, so I turned it into a painting.

beauty small

Here’s a close up on the poor overwhelmed person

all beauty

Somehow, being able to communicate my own feelings of inadequacy somewhat effectively encouraged me to go on. I’ve been working on the stories of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus recently. Here’s one of the images:

Also, I did this, which is from the story of the women healed from bleeding

This piece is reasonably similar to the murals I did for Hope Chapel for the Good Friday and Easter services. It’s an image I keep wanting to work with, a woman in dark robes, which are being turned to light and freedom. I blame John for his incessant light vs dark metaphors. I also blame the movie Argo for making me so sad for the people of Iran. I wanted to paint a prayer of hope for them, and this was part of the result.

Gallery for the Dramatic Over Use of Symbolism

I’ve continued to contemplate Biblical things and this has led to some paintings of mysterious symbolism. Maybe weird, maybe overused. They come mainly from ideas and images I get while reading the text.
Here is one that may look a bit familiar, from the beginning of John:
heart strings

I’m still not happy with the way I draw guys, sigh….. they always look so boring when I draw them. Where is the emotion?!?!?!?

That’s probably why I immediately went back to drawing my favorite things, girls and cats. In this case: a lion. Did you know that the daughter of a lion is also a lion?
daughter of a lion

I think this is a very strange image. Not because of the content so much as the color and composition. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about it is just kind of weird…

And last but not least: After showing my images from John to my art group and going on about how I liked movie trailers, they challenged me to draw a trailer for the book of John. And so I did. It’s actually a really long scroll of brown paper that reads like a long continuous comic strip. Here’s a piece:
slice of scroll

The scan looks so unfortunate I was not inspired to document it any further via scanner. The actual object though is pretty intriguing if I do say so myself. I’ve never really done anything like it before. So I will say again: more to come!

The Haunting of Pease Park

Sometimes when you stay until the veeeeery end of a bohemian potluck party, when dark has fallen, and there is magic in the air…

This painting was inspired by some midnight hiking I did with my friends. I told them they looked like modern-day nymphs wearing their glow-sticks and bohemian garb while frolicking around and singing mysteriously. I thought I would just do a quick color study of them to play with the idea of dark night with a light source of glow-sticks. Silly me- this took FOREVER, and still doesn’t quite inspire the same magic or mystery that I was going for. Also, it did not scan well. Enough complaining though, it’s nice to have such beautiful and frightening friends,


and here’s a close up on Laura, since I think the painting of her turned out best

creepy Laura